Friday, 10 May 2013

I'm pregnant!

Well, i'm not now!

It was my 22nd birthday. March the 23rd, I woke up with a knock from the postman (always exciting) and signed for two big packages. One was a huge box of chocolate treats from my Aunty and the other was a yummy bottle of rose champers from my mum who was living in Spain. Both were swiftly opened and consumed. I'm not a heavy drinker, I only had half!

My monthly visitor was due to arrive the day before and hadn't so I took a pregnancy test at lunch. There was no waiting for the timed three minutes and taking test after test. I held the 99p test in my hand and watched as the two lines appeared. Holy moly, I'm pregnant!

And so the guilt begins! I came out of the toilet, looking for my husband (then boyfriend) and the first thing I saw was a half consumed bottle of champagne. yikes! After 30 seconds I already feel like a terrible mum. So like everything I don't know the answer to, I was on to google like a flash typing in 'Drinking while pregnant' and reading every yahoo question and answer, every blog and thread. I even asked my Aunty who had recently had babies. I decided it's not as bad as I'm making out and made a mental note to take my pregnancy vitamins everyday.

You'd think that was enough? Ohhhh no! I'm whats known as a list maker. My notepad came out and a list was made of everything I could and couldn't eat. I raided my fridge and scanned every ingredient list to make sure I was 'safe'. I made my doctors appointment and went to the library to get I think about 4 books on pregnancy. How anyone coped before the internet and books is beyond me.... :s  I read them from front to back, over and over and already, at 6 weeks pregnant, breast is best was instilled upon me and no doubt about it, breastfeeding was how my baby would be fed. Right?

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