Wednesday, 15 May 2013

She's here! Now what?

My pregnancy went pretty text book. I had always wanted to be married to the father of my children. And as I got pregnant pretty quickly, we had a budget but gorgeous wedding when I was 8 months pregnant. 3 weeks later, lying in bed watching Jonathon Ross on a Friday night my waters break. And a pretty tough 17 hours later my first beautiful baby girl was born. After all the planning and hundreds (no exaggeration) of lists, here she was. A tiny person looking at me as if to say, well come on then, look after me! errrrr....

So i'm still on the hospital bed, just holding her, just staring at her. What is that about babies, who pretty much do nothing? you can stare at them 24 hours a day and not get bored? anyway, so about 5 hours later a midwife finally came to see me and the questions came flooding out. 'Should I wash her? Dress her? Why has she not woken up? Should I try feed her?' (well I didn't know what to do).
So the midwife latched her on as I didn't know how to do. I thought the baby just knew : s and there she was. Is this the magical moment all the books talked about? 'Is she feeding?' I said to the midwife, erm no she's asleep, I'll come back later when she's awake.

Midnight came and I was discharged. I suppose I'll just latch her on like the midwife did when she woke up and was hungry as they said she will be sleepy after birth. So we got home and in bed by 2am and she started stirring, so I tried latching her on and she seemed to be feeding? How do I know if she's had enough? Is she even getting anything out? I didn't understand. Maybe i'm missing something? this is not comfortable. Kind of magical? or is that because that's what every book and leaflet i've read have told me it is.  Ill ask the midwife tomorrow.

Friday, 10 May 2013

I'm pregnant!

Well, i'm not now!

It was my 22nd birthday. March the 23rd, I woke up with a knock from the postman (always exciting) and signed for two big packages. One was a huge box of chocolate treats from my Aunty and the other was a yummy bottle of rose champers from my mum who was living in Spain. Both were swiftly opened and consumed. I'm not a heavy drinker, I only had half!

My monthly visitor was due to arrive the day before and hadn't so I took a pregnancy test at lunch. There was no waiting for the timed three minutes and taking test after test. I held the 99p test in my hand and watched as the two lines appeared. Holy moly, I'm pregnant!

And so the guilt begins! I came out of the toilet, looking for my husband (then boyfriend) and the first thing I saw was a half consumed bottle of champagne. yikes! After 30 seconds I already feel like a terrible mum. So like everything I don't know the answer to, I was on to google like a flash typing in 'Drinking while pregnant' and reading every yahoo question and answer, every blog and thread. I even asked my Aunty who had recently had babies. I decided it's not as bad as I'm making out and made a mental note to take my pregnancy vitamins everyday.

You'd think that was enough? Ohhhh no! I'm whats known as a list maker. My notepad came out and a list was made of everything I could and couldn't eat. I raided my fridge and scanned every ingredient list to make sure I was 'safe'. I made my doctors appointment and went to the library to get I think about 4 books on pregnancy. How anyone coped before the internet and books is beyond me.... :s  I read them from front to back, over and over and already, at 6 weeks pregnant, breast is best was instilled upon me and no doubt about it, breastfeeding was how my baby would be fed. Right?

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The blog begins

And so it begins. Sitting with my laptop after catching some very rare but needed downtime, I thought to myself, as I have done so many times, I will write a book! Yeah right, I really have a million free hours being a Wife and Mum of two (or three as I may as well be) So blog it is.

Im Danielle Bacon, Danni. Im 26 and Mum of a three and a half year old and 8 week old beautiful girls. I got married to my husband on 5th of November 2009 at 8 months pregnant. My first girl was born exactly 3 weeks later. More info on all that later. For now, the reason I'm starting this.

Breastfeeding. Don't run away! I'm not part of the BF police, I'm not about to badger on about how great it is, everyone should do it, you're selfish and a terrible mum if you don't try! Quite the opposite actually. After two very different experiences with my Little Ones I wondered to myself why on earth no one has spoken about how difficult BF actually is! Or if they HAVE, its been hidden away like a secret cult of dangerous people that should never be allowed to speak. Enter me!!

This blog is about my experience's with both babies. Two completely different ones but both I believe very typical of most mums. The truth should be more widely accepted as real life, not failure as a mother. The first few weeks of your babies life is the most precious, amazing, life changing moments and should be treasured not over-shadowed by the stress of BF. Because it is stress, to put it lightly! Believe me I will not be sugar coating anything, women grow babies! we can handle it!